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Wine collection 3 November, 2009

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“A wine collection is a kind of extended family. Inanimate? Semi-animate would be a better description. You have housed the clan under the ground, in a cupboard, beneath the spare-room bed; they pass the days silently, motionlessly, locked up in a glassy purdah. Inside, of course, they are digesting time as a tree digests sunlight, moving imperceptibly toward an August of aroma and flavor.”
– Andrew Jefford

WordPress 2.0 for iPhone. 30 October, 2009

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Well, this is my second post on my brand new blog and I thought I’d try out this new fangled WordPress app I downloaded for the iPhone.

It’s pretty usable, even though the single click iPhone keyboard makes writing anything longer than a few lines a real chore. I do find that this will be good for scribbling those short posts in a hurry & on-the-go.

Be safe & don’t blog & drive.


PS. This is a picture of Chris this evening when he decided that he wanted a salad instead of the steak I made for him :

Hello World ! 27 October, 2009

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Welcome to my brand new WordPress.com blog.
This is my first post. SQLChicken told the world that I had a blog, so now I have one.
I hope to blog fairly regularly but, if I don’t, please send me an email and kick my arse.